Rana's Atelier is located in the artistic and culture-filled neighbourhood of Jabal Lweibdeh, near Paris Square. It was once an old Ammani home, but has been transformed into a community space of creation, expression and inspiration, with a big balcony overlooking the Citadel and the work of famous artists gathered from around the world.


This space is open to requests and can be used for:


--Photo Shoots and Studio Activities

--Artistic and Creative Workshops

--Book Signings 

--Poetry Readings and Storytelling

--Music Recitals and Jams

--Brunches, Buffets and Dinners

--Arts & Crafts Displays and Exhibitions

--Art Storage and Personal Viewing

--Home for special neighbourhood Tours


You are welcome to visit the space and meet the owner for tea and sweets.  


Indulge in the colors and creativity of art in Jabal Lweibdeh.